Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manifest?

Manifest is an easy-to-use tool for managing access to resources for groups of people. The service works by creating groups (e.g., departmental, project-based, team, etc.) to which individuals can be added. Administrators then simply set up their web application or resource, such as a departmental wiki, so that only members of a predefined group can access it.

The service is available for free 24×7 to UW-Madison faculty and staff.

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What can Manifest do for me?

Manifest allows departments to authorize users to log in to their resources using groups of NetIDs, eliminating the need for another login credential. The service also allows for the creation of new NetIDs for UW affiliates and collaborators. Users can be added individually or through pre-defined Data Driven Groups that share attributes (e.g., all employees or just a department). Groups can also request access to enterprise services for their members.

How long does the process take?

You need a folder to do anything in Manifest. To get a folder expect up to three business days that are spread as follows.

  • Day 1 - You go to Manifest and request a new folder.
  • Day 3 or sooner - Your folder gets created by a Manifest administrator who sends an acknowledgement email to you. You are then able to create groups.

What is a Manifest folder?

Manifest folder is your ticket to do anything with groups in Manifest. To get started making groups, request a folder. You will then make groups within your folder.

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What is a Manifest group?

Manifest group is a collection of people that are affiliated with the University. You add people to your group either by entering their NetID or by inviting them to join your group. A Manifest group may contain people as well as other groups as its members.

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